Introducing Sync Sheet, Sync MS Excel With Google Spreadsheet

We are happy to introduce a cool application which can sync between MS Excel and Google Spreadsheet. We named it as "Sync Sheet". It can directly save your data from MS Excel to Google Spreadsheet with background colors and formula. Simply open Excel Spreadsheet, edit and save your data as usual. The moment you press the send button (present at top right) it will immediately send your data to Google Spreadsheet. Same way you can also pull data from Google Spreadsheet by clicking on the pull data button. We have recently released (16th mar 2016) version 2.0 of the app which can sync formula as well.

What it can sync

  • Cell values
    It can sync your Excel cell values with Google Spreasheet cells
  • Cell colors
    It does sync cell background colors with corresponding cells of Google Spreadsheet
  • Cell formula
    This feature has been added in version 2.0 onwards.
  • New spreadsheet
    If a sheet doesn't exists in Google Spreadsheet then it will automatically create a new sheet.

Note: Any other features which are not explicitly mentioned above are not supported currently.

Purchase and download

You can purchase Sync Sheet from following link. Once purchased click on "Get the app" button to get access to the app.

Sync Sheet V2.0 YES YES
Instructions to use YES YES
Installation support

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