Export Your Facebook Friend List to an Excel File

Facebook no more supports exporting the friend list to either CSV or Excel format. You can only export your friend's Birthdays from Facebook. For various reasons you may want to export your friend list to Excel. One reason is, you may wish to keep a copy of the contact information for your reference purpose. You may also need to insert your Facebook friend list in other social network.

Although there is no direct approach to do this, you can do it through Yahoo. Yahoo can extract all your friend list from Facebook to its contact list and later you can export it to your computer.

How to do it ?

  • Login to Yahoo mail and go to contacts
  • Click on import and then click on Facebook
  • Then import your Facebook friend lists
  • Up to here everything will go smooth. All the contact information will be inserted into your yahoo contacts
  • But when you will go to export those information, then the problem occurs.
  • It seems that Yahoo also does not support exporting the contact list of Facebook. Although there is an option to export but it results a blank CSV file.
  • The only thing you can do is, displaying the contact information on a page.

Generate CSV file

Well. I have made a script using which you can generate the CSV file. Just you need to do the following steps.

  • Go to All Contacts in Yahoo and click on Select All.
  • Go to Action-->Print All (If the print dialog appears, close it)
  • The Print Preference page will appear
  • Select the layout as Basic View and click on display printing.
  • Click the Live Demo button present below to open the app.
  • Now copy all the friend list and paste it in the box. Make sure that you are not copying any unnecessary information. If anything unnecessary then please remove it. In the webpage all the data will be in a tabular format, but after pasting it in the box, you can see only one data per line. Don't worry about blank lines, it is our duty to remove.

Now you can copy and paste the generated CSV in a notepad and save it as .csv format.

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