Some Useful Google Products You Might Not Know

Here is a list of popular Google products you might not know. This list does not cover all the products, I will publish the rest parts on some other day. Just have a look on the following. I am sure, you will like all of them. If you know some more products, then drop a comment.

Products Description
SketchUp It is a software for making 3D modelling covering all the civil and mechanical designs. It is available in both free and paid version.
3D Warehouse It is a part of Google SketchUp program. You can find here a huge collection of 3D building and architectures made by different users.
Google Earth It is an awesome desktop software by which you can view the earth in 3D. You can view 3D buildings, oceans, roads, maps, photos, borders, labels, weathers and many more. Google Earth also has a Flight Simulator by which you can fly an aircraft over the oceans and buildings starting from an airport.
Gmail Notifier A nice desktop application which will notify you about new email messages you get. Using this application you can login to your account, read emails, mark them as read, delete them etc. No need to open the browser every time.
Zeitgeist This is a huge collection of most frequent search queries country wise. For Example, you can view what the world searched for in 2012.
Google Moon It is very similar to Google Earth but it focuses on Moon's surface. You can view the places where man has landed on moon in 1969.
Google Mars Similar to Google Moon and it focuses on Mar's surface. You can view the mountains, canyons and dunes on mars surface.
Google Swiffy This is a very good product which will convert the flash SWF files to HTML5 so that you can view the files in a PC where flash player is not installed. You can check a demo here.
Patent Search A useful search engine for searching patents throughout the world.
URL Shortner An online utility to convert long URLs to short form. You can also view the analytics like who clicked, from which country and from which browser.
Transliteration A place where you can directly type in your own local languages. You will write something in English and Google will instantly convert it into your local script.
Web Fonts A huge collection of open source web-fonts. Once you choose your font, Google will provide you a CSS URL which will convert the fonts of your webpage. You can also customize the themes according to your own requirement.
Google reader A place where you can read all your favorite blogs and websites on a single page. You can subscribe for XML feeds and the new articles will appear on your Google reader home page just like email messages come to your inbox.
Page Speed Checker A useful online tool which will calculate the time taken by a webpage to load completely. Based on the data it will give a score to the page(score out of 100). After all it will also give you some valuable suggestions to decrease the loading time of the page.
Dashboard A place where all your personal information will be populated on a single page. You can also view all the Google products you have used so far and their statistics.
Google Code A place where all the open source projects have been hosted covering a lot of programming languages. You can search for your favorite codes and materials and off-course you can also host your own code.
Panoramio A big photo sharing website where you can find the photos located on Google map. This site will be helpful when you are searching for photos belonging to a particular place.