Which Phone should I buy ?

(Submitted by Saurav Misra)

Which phone should I buy???

Earlier before buying a new cell phone; a person was very particular on brand. Which brand she/he should go for? But now the monopoly of brand is gone! Now we should see the Operating System (OS). On which OS the phone is running. Before choosing OS we should think about our age and type of work or nature of job which we are doing in our day to day life for bread and butter. 

Who am I ?

I am a college going girl/boy or I am an employee of xyz organization having 5 to 20 yrs of experience. Here we will consider the following OS:

iOS NOKIA OS(Symbian) Google Android OS Windows Phone OS
iOS is developed by Apple This is developed by Symbian but later it is takeovered by NOKIA This is developed by Google This is developed by Microsoft
iOS is available only in Apple phones Similarly Symbian OS is available only in NOKIA Phones But Android OS is available in different models like Samsung, HTC etc... Similarly Windows Phone is available in different models like NOKIA, Samsung, HTC.
iOS is expensive This is comparatively Cheaper Android is cheaper This is Expensive
iOS is not an open source This is not an open source This is an open source. Means everybody can edit/modify the OS as per their wish. This is not an open source
200000 Apps available 100000 Apps available. But not qualitative More than 500000 Apps available. More than 50% Apps Qualitative Only 5000 Apps available.
Maximum apps are premium. But however we can get those apps freely but not every apps Here maximum apps are not qualitative apps but whenever there is a qualitative app that is not free. So this is not preferable. Here we will get huge amount of apps as well as verities of apps. Even if there are premium apps we can get those apps freely. Premium apps / game can be found by typing in google "xyz.apk mediafire". Here there are very less apps available. Still improvement is going on. But not success like android market.
This is comparatively less flexible OS Not yet flexible OS Fully Flexible OS Not Flexible OS
Security is OK Security not excepted Security is OK Security is OK
Not very attractive User Interface Comparatively less attractive User Interface Attractive User Interface Attractive User Interface
Android OS
Windows Phone OS

Therefore I suggest you to buy Cell phone with Google Android OS. 

Smart Phone Ranking 

  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. Windows Phone
  4. Nokia OS
  5. Blackberry OS

Again who am I ?

I work for xyz organization and my age is 50+.
Here in this case we should prefer Blackberry OS or NOKIA OS. 

Blackberry OS

  • In Blackberry OS First is security
  • Data security is excellent in Blackberry OS
  • This is developed by Reasearch in Motion-RIM; a Canadaian Company
  • This OS is a little bit expensive
  • This OS is available
  • Blackberry OS is not an open source OS
  • Less than 2000 apps available
  • Less free apps
Thanks !
Saurav Misra
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