How to Send an Encrypted Email via Outlook

Encryption converts data from plain readable form to ciphered text and it requires deciphering the same in order to turn it to accessible mode. Sending and accessing encoded email messages require both sender and recipient to share their digital ID (also known as public key certificate). This post includes information on how to send an encrypted email via Outlook 2013 and lower versions.

Ciphering email messages prevents data from an unauthorized access. The technique turns data to inaccessible format and no alteration is thereby allowed through any invalid medium. Consequently, if in case it falls in the hands of unauthorized user; no modifications, additions, deletions or any other operation can be performed as the user will then require the decryption key to decode data.

Understanding Encryption Rules

For sending encrypted email messages, it is required that a digitally signed email message must be shared among sender and recipient that will allow each other to save their digital IDs to the Outlook Contacts folder. Without sharing digital IDs, it is not possible to share encrypted emails over MS Outlook.

Only recipient holding private key corresponding to the public key which is used to cipher the text can use it for deciphering the text for accessing it. Error message denying access to the encoded email message will appear if the recipient does not hold the private key.

Fundamentals of Signing Process

For assigning encryption, numeric value (also known as Checksum) corresponding to the set of bits in email message is calculated. Further, this numeric calculation needs to be enclosed by applying the same formula that is been used to cipher the message.
Checksum serves as the digital IDs or signatures, also known as digital certificate. Using digital key, these signatures are encrypted and then sends to the recipient address. The encrypted email message has three distinct components:
  1. Plain text
  2. Digital certificate; and
  3. Sender’s digital signature.
After receiving the email message, the recipient will check for the CRL i.e., Certificate Revocation List for analyzing if sender’s digital certificate has been withdrawn. If the signature exists on the CRL, the recipient will receive the warning message. If the digital signature does not exist on the CRL, the signature can then be decoded by using the sender’s public key which can be seen within digital certificate information.

Procedure to Encrypt Single\ Multiple Email Messages

When an encrypted email message is been sent via Outlook, the enclosed attachments will also get encrypted. Outlook provides a straight forward procedure to encrypt the email messages as and when required.

For MS Outlook 2013\ 2010

Encrypt Single Email Message

The necessity to encrypt single email message takes place when it requires sending or sharing some confidential message. Single email message can be encrypted using the following procedure:

1. In the email message window, click on 'Options'.

2. In ‘More Options’ group, click on 'Message Options' dialog box.

3. In the then appeared ‘Properties’ window, click on 'Security Settings'. 

4. Further select the checkbox that says ‘Encrypt message contents and attachments’ and then click ‘OK’.

5. Compose the message and click on ‘Send’.

Encrypt All Outgoing Messages

For assigning default encryption on all email messages, the under mentioned procedure needs to be followed:
1. Click on the ‘File’ tab and click on ‘Options’.

2. In then appeared ‘Outlook Options’ window, click on ‘Trust Center’ and then click on the ‘Trust Center Settings’.

3. Under the ‘Encrypted email’ link available on the ‘Email Security’ tab; select the checkbox available with ‘Encrypt contents and attachments for outgoing messages’.

4. Further, click on ‘Settings’ if any of the assigned settings needs to be changed. 

Note: It is required that all the recipients should have the sender’s digital ID for decrypting and reading the messages.

For MS Outlook 2007:

Encrypt Single Email Message

1. In the email message window, go to the ‘Message’ tab and click on the sign available within ‘Options’ column.

2. ‘Message Options’ window will appear, click on the ‘Security Settings’.

4. ‘Security Properties’ window will appear, click on the checkbox available with ‘Encrypt message contents and attachments’ and then click on ‘OK’.

5. Compose the email message and click on the ‘Send’ button to send it.

Encrypt All Outgoing Message

1. Go to the ‘Tools’ menu and then click on ‘Trust Center’. 

2. ‘Trust Center’ window will appear; click on ‘E-mail Security’.

3. Under ‘Encrypted e-mail’ section, click on the checkbox associated with ‘Encrypt contents and attachments for outgoing messages’.

4. For changing additional settings, click on the ‘Settings’ button.

5. In the then appeared ‘Change Security Settings’ window, provide appropriate settings as required.

6. Click on ‘OK’ button twice.

As a whole, it can be concluded that encryption is a powerful mechanism to safeguard email messages and other data from unauthorized access. At the same time, proper understanding over how to send an encrypted email via Outlook application is also required. In addition, the basic knowledge over deciphering data is mandatory as without decoding the message, it cannot be possible to access the same.

About Author: As author of MS Outlook Tools, Peter has experience more than 20 years in IT industry and he is now working with an expert data recovery firm. He has quality expertise in the Office products, especially in Microsoft Outlook and love to solve users like how to repair Outlook ?, how junk email protection works and host of other Outlook based tips & tricks.


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Who Will Be a Billionaire - Interactive Quiz Game in MS Excel

This quiz game is an interactive practice game for learners, students and teachers. This is exclusively meant for your practice and educational purposes. We have tried to keep all possible lifelines and options so that you can feel it most interesting.
We have created the game with MS Excel using visual basic. So no need of any extra software to play the game. 

Need the unlocked version of this Excel game ? Click here

Game rules

  • The game will start with $0 and There will be 30 questions to reach at 1 billion.
  • There will be 6 lifelines to help you.(Look in the image)
  • Some lifelines may be new for you so read about them before playing the game.
  • Be careful while answering the questions because once you give the wrong answer the game will be over.
  • After game over your name will be saved in the Excel file with your score.
Who Will be a Billionaire

How to set your own questions

If you are a teacher or a developer and needs to set your own questions for your students or wants to unlock this Excel game kindly purchase it from below link.

If you still need to ask something urgently then drop a mail at:

Hope you enjoy the game :)
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How To Display View Count Below Your Embeded YouTube Video

YouTube video statistics such as view count & like count are very important factors depicting popularity of a video. YouTube displays these counts below the videos on its own site. But unfortunately when you embed a video in another site these counts never displayed directly below the video. Although you can view the count by clicking the info(i) button present at the top left, but anybody will barely click on that button to view the statistics. So here is a trick which can help you to directly display the count below the embeded video.

Lets have a LIVE DEMO before moving ahead

Following is an awesome video of Hanu Dixit with Michael Stevens (Vsauce). Have a look how the view counts work.

So how to display it below your own video

Displaying it below your own video is very easy. Simply copy and paste the following code in your site. You can also add it as a plugin in your side bar/header/footer section. It will automatically start displaying the view count wherever it will find an embeded video.

var myFrames=[];
var fetched = -1;
if (window.addEventListener){window.addEventListener('load', initProps, false);
window.addEventListener('load', loadViewCount, false);
else if (window.attachEvent){window.attachEvent('onload', initProps);
window.attachEvent('onload', loadViewCount);

function showViewCount(data){
 var div = document.createElement('div');
 div.innerHTML ="<b>"+data.entry["yt$statistics"].viewCount+"</b>"; = "5px"; = "table"; = "relative"; = "right"; = "Arial";
 div.innerHTML += "<div style='border-bottom: 2px solid #c0c0c0;width:100%;margin: 5px 0px 5px 0px'></div>"
 div.innerHTML += "<div><img style='margin: 0px 5px 0px 20px' src=''/>"+data.entry["yt$rating"].numLikes+"<img style='margin: 0px 5px 0px 20px' src=''/>"+data.entry["yt$rating"].numDislikes+"</div>";   
 myFrames[fetched].parentNode.insertBefore(div, myFrames[fetched].nextSibling); = (parseInt(myFrames[fetched].offsetLeft)+parseInt(myFrames[fetched].width)-parseInt(div.clientWidth))+"px";
 if(fetched < myFrames.length-1){

function loadViewCount(){
 var script = document.createElement('script');
 var videoId = myFrames[fetched].src.split("embed/")[1].split("?")[0];
 script.src = ""+videoId+"?v=2&alt=json&callback=showViewCount";
function initProps(){
 var allFrames = document.getElementsByTagName("iframe")
 for(var i=0;i<allFrames.length;i++){

Here are some of its benefit you will like
  • It works for multiple videos as well
  • You must not worry about the layout and alignment of already embeded video. Above code will automatically display their counts at corresponding places.
  • It uses YouTube API to fetch the count so it renders faster.
  • Like & dislike count also gets displayed below the view count

How does it work

Well, it works with YouTube API. The API returns the counts in JSON format which is later formatted to properly display in HTML. Following is the URL which fetches the count.

The script dynamically provides the video ID to above url and gets the response back.

Hope you all like it. Let me know your view via comments.
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Automatic Web Page Screenshot Capture With Google Apps Script

This app can help you to take regular screenshots of a web page automatically. It has been created with Google App Script  and uses trigger to automate the process. Using this app you can track how a web page was looking like 3 years before. You don't need to do this manually. Simply activate the trigger and it will fetch the web page's screenshots and store in your Google Drive.

Webpage Screenshot Capture app V1.0

How it works

This app uses the API provided by The API has both premium and free version. The free version accepts 100 screenshots per month and this limit is enough to take 1 screenshot in every 1 day. The API accepts certain URL parameters. You can send required parameters with corresponding key-value pair. The response is received as an image. Google Apps Script receives the response as a blob and stores that as a new image in your Google Drive. Its main attractive feature is it accepts full page screen capturing.

How to make it functional

  • Go to and create an account. After sign up you will get an account key, keep it with you. This account key will be used for the API request.
  • Now open this Google Spreadsheet, go to File-->make a copy...
  • After making a copy you can close the original spreadsheet. Just keep your own spreadsheet open.
  • Provide the required parameters as required.
  • After providing details simply press the Verify now button to verify whether the API works properly or not.
  • If the API works, it will create a folder in your Google Drive and put the screenshot inside it.
  • Once you are conform that the API works well, you can press the Start capturing button to automate the process in a regular interval.
  • The frequency of capturing you can customize from the in-cell-dropdown.

Hope this tutorial helps you to keep track of your website's appearance and layout. If you have any question then drop a comment below.
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Verified User List Manager With Google Apps Script

We create web forms for conducting polls, surveys and other contact purposes. Sometimes we ask users for their email in the web forms so that we can easily contact them later. As long as a web form is public, anybody can come and submit the form. Today's people are so lazy that they can not even spend 1 minute to correctly fill a form. Many a times we see, people fill random or invalid data in the email field. If such cases happen we face problem and can't write back to them.  

Now Google form is the most popular platform for creating web forms because of its simplicity and its integration with Google Drive. But in Google form there is no default option to verify an email's ownership.  So we have created an app with Google Apps Script which can help you to verify your user's email.
Our app supports all basic feature that you see in Google form in addition to it you can even enable the email verification by which people get their email verified themselves.

So, what you can do with it ?

  • All basic web form features
    You can create all types of input fields such as textbox, textarea, dropdown, checkbox, radio button etc. very easily. Providing the dropdown values is even easier. Simply you need to put comma separated values in the corresponding cell in the spreadsheet and it will automatically appear in the web from.
  • Required fields(*) and form validation
    Mentioning a field as a required field will enable the form validation for that particular input. Users can't submit blank values for those field(s). To declare a field as a required field, simply choose the inline cell drop down either Yes/No in the spreadsheet. Yes, it is that simple !
  • Email verification
    You can set email verification enabled in the configuration sheet. There can be two types of email verification.
    Random key verification method
    Random key verification method
    • By random key method: In this method a random key will be sent to user's email ID and she/he has to provide the key to get his/her email verified.
    • By sending verification url: In this method a url will be sent to user's email. To get their email verified, users simply need to click on that link.

  • Customizable form-headers and footers
    You can fully customize your form headers and footers. In the footer section you can provide your own company's name and other info as you need. In the header section a suitable title can be given.

Let's have a live demo

Purchase and download

You can purchase the app by following the below PayPal button. After purchase just send us ( your email id to which we should give permission to view the app.

Purchase Option

For any other question you can contact us at

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What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Computer Consultant

When was the last time you fixed a non-working gadget ? You have surely felt intense after successfully restoring it back to normal. The secret of being a computer consultant does not rely on technical knowledge or high IQ alone. Most of the time, you have to mix it with perseverance, passion and patience. There are times we think of directly consulting for computer repair service not thinking that we can do our share to fix the problem. There are also times that giving up and reaching help from others could be better option than personally addressing problems we can’t solve on our own. Without further adieu, here are some stuffs you need to know before deciding whether to personally fix computer devices or call a computer consulting company.
  1. Do not think immediately for the replacement of your defective device unless the hardware components are broken for good such that the internal setup is totally messed up. You can check your room for spare parts or ask your friends for parts so that you can save bucks. After having the parts, be sure to dedicate patience and perseverance in personally repairing the problem. In the middle of the operation, you might lose hope to continue so think of the possible outcomes first and whether to continue or not. 
  2. Review the device manual. You might feel ashamed of yourself when after a successful repair from a technician, you found out that your problem is enlisted somewhere in the troubleshooting section of your device’s manual. You could have solved it on your own and freed some money. Also when buying a new device, familiarize troubleshooting issues in the manual first so you can make a reference in future use. 
  3. You can seek help from your tech-savvy friends who might have knowledge on the problem of your device. Encourage him to help you out by treating him in movies or anything you can give as compensation for his service. It doesn’t have to be expensive in any way. Just satisfying his personal happiness and giving him his personal favorites are good to go. Take note that most people today are not really interested to help for free especially if learning the skill requires too much effort to acquire. 
  4. Browse online forums. There might be people around the world who experience similar issues with your device. You can tell if the forum is reliable by navigating to the views count on the page or simply peeking at the comment sections. For instance, you can see threads such as tablet repairing long island. The forum title might sound generic but going in-depth of the contents is worth a try. 
  5. Visit your manufacturer’s website. The most reliable online reference for the issues of your device is no other than the manufacturer’s site. If there is customer support available, ask a ticket or phone the staff to report your problem. Some manufacturer sites have also built-in forums so check it out. 
  6. Hire IT freelancers online. Today, there is now what you call "virtual workers" who can assist whatever your problems are. Good news is there are lots of computer technicians who go for freelancing jobs in the hope of serving more people while enjoying diversity. 
  7. Before hiring a freelancer, credit his previous works and client references so you won’t be fooled. 
  8. The bottom line is to call for repair centers in case you don’t find any alternatives for the fix. Calling a computer consulting company for instance won’t automatically make you spendthrift. You can work with your consultant so that next time, you can share your knowledge to your friends.
About author

She is a Computer Wizard and Contributing Writer to Essay Jedi. She loves everything about computers. She shares her knowledge with others through writing, which is also her passion.
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Conduct e-Exam For Your Students With MS Excel

Many schools, institutes and teachers are trying to provide interactive class rooms to their students. Along with traditional paper-pen exams if you conduct some computerized tests then it definitely improves your student's interest towards your subject. So keeping that in view we have created an e-Exam program in Excel which can help you to conduct computerized exams very easily for your students. Teachers can set questions and distribute the spreadsheets to different students. Students will provide their name to start the exam. Scores will be immediately calculated after the exam completes.

Student view of e-exam program
Student view of e-exam program
There is a separate view for teachers where they can set new questions, delete previously entered questions and set timer if they want.

Admin view of e-Exam program
Admin view of e-Exam program

List of attractive features

  • Simple and clear student's interface
    We have kept the students interface very simple because they should always concentrate on exam rather than on colors. They need to provide their name to begin the exam. Once they exam is started, the start time gets recorded so nobody can cheat. Students can come back to any question to change their previously entered answers

    during the exam.
  • Separate window for teachers
    Teachers (admin) can set questions in a separate window. Password is required to enter into this section. So unauthorized people can't open the admin window. They can set new questions/answers, can delete questions and modify as well.
  • Exam with timersTeachers can create two types of exam 1. Exam with timer and 2. Exam without timer. If they create exam with timer, they need to set maximum time allowed(minutes) for the exam. Student's answers will be automatically submitted if the maximum allowed time is reached during the exam.
  • Automatic score calculationStudents answers will be automatically evaluated after they submit their responses. They can see correctness of each question in a separate sheet and their total scores. All these calculations are done almost instantly.

How to download

There are two different sample versions for e-exam with timer and without timer. Download and verify their functionality. They have been provided just to confirm whether they suite your needs.

e-Exam without timer e-Exam with timer

Both of above versions are password protected. You can only view existing questions. If you like above program then you can do the payment from below link. It's price is only $10.99. After your payment is confirmed we will send you the password/unlocked version.

Note: Indian users those who can't buy through PayPal can also do the payment by direct bank to bank money transfer. Contact us at to know more.

Unicode characters support

One more exciting feature of this e-Exam program is that it supports Unicode characters. So you can set questions in any language. Although we have not tested with all languages but it works perfectly with Hindi language.

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