How to Insert Dropdown/Checkbox/Radio in PDF files

Tuesday, July 19, 2016, Hari

There are many desktop applications by which you can edit PDF files, can create a textbox, can edit previously existing text or can insert images. But have you ever thought about inserting form elements like Dropdown menu, Checkbox, Radio button or Listbox in PDF files. Now its very easy through a free online website.

How to do it ?

  • Go to and click on Edit your PDF Now.
  • You can upload your own PDF or you can also create a new PDF.
  • In the main editor window you can find following tabs. In the Insert tab you will find an option to insert Form Field.

    Form Field

  • Click on Form Field and choose one from Text/Checkbox/Radio/Dropdown/Listbox

    Form Field Creation Tool

  • Once you created a form elements right click on the blank screen to escape from the element.
  • If you have created a Drop down menu, then to edit its values just right click on it and click on Object Properties...
  • After you completed everything, you can click on Save and Download PDF button present in the left side vertical bar.
  • You can check a sample PDF which I have created using the same technique.

How to Use Google Sheets for Kindergarten Kids in an Interactive Way

Thursday, June 30, 2016, Geetanjali

Now a days Google Spreadsheet is much more useful than we have ever thought. Sheet formulae and script editors are making it even more powerful.Today we can use Google Spreadsheet as a database, project management dashboards, employees time sheet, sales sheet and many more. Its amazing collaboration features is really helpful.

Today in this post we are going to show you another use case of Google sheets made for kindergarten students essential for teachers. Teachers can use it for demonstrating lessons in a interactive way.

Worksheets for Kindergarten

Interactive Features

  • Addition: Two input boxes are there to provide the digits for summation. Equal number of Images are present below the boxes for the kids to count.


  • Subtraction: Two input boxes are there to provide the digits for subtraction. Images are provided for the kids to count same as addition.
  • Multiplication Table: Select a number and the table will be automatically printed.
  • VIBGYOR Colors: This is to teach the kids about 7 different colors. Select a color in the drop down and the equivalent color will appear in the cell equivalently.
  • Geometrical Shapes: Shapes like circle, triangle, rectangle, cube, cylinder etc. are important for kids to recognize. Show them in an interactive manner.
  • Clocks: Show students how to know the time from a clock. There are 6 analog clocks and input boxes to provide the time with interactive tick and cross marks.
  • Upper case and Lower case: .This is to make the kids understand lower case and upper case alphabets.


Useful Google Sheet Formulae applied in the sheet

  • IF: IF(logical_expression, value_if_true, value_if_false)
  • MID: MID(string, starting_at, extract_length)
    Equivalent to sub-string. Get a part of a value of some given length from an index.
  • UPPER: UPPER(text)
    Converts words to upper case.
  • LOWER: LOWER(text)
    Converts words to lower case.
  • REPT: REPT(text_to_repeat, number_of_repetitions)
    Repeat a specific characters for a given number of times
  • ISERR: ISERROR(value)
    Returns true if there is error in the formula.
  • IMAGE: IMAGE(URL, [mode], [height], [width])
    Inserts an image inside a cell.

IP Location Tracker Bookmarklet Created Using REST API

Tuesday, June 28, 2016, Geetanjali

Internet Protocol addresses, in short IP addresses are the numeric addresses assigned to computers in a network to recognise them. These are used to track the location of a computer in a network. Webmasters and site owners always deal with IP addresses. Although there are some sites available in internet for IP look up, we have created this one click solution to get the location of an IP.

IP Tracker

How this works ?

The heart of this bookmarklet is<your ip address goes here> API. Just append the ip address in the API and hit in your browser, that's it. You will get the response in JSON format. For more details about API visit  By using this API we have created a bookmarklet.

Bonus tips: To know your current IP location you can hit in your browser. Simply bookmark this url and the next time you need your own IP this will help.

The parameter which the API will return after a successful request are :

  • AS
  • CITY
  • ISP
  • LAT
  • LON
  • ORG
  • ZIP

How to setup and use ?

  • To setup the bookmarklet drag above "IP Tracker" to bookmark bar. For more details visit "How to show bookmarks bar in browser ? " section of Extract All Emails From a Webpage Using Bookmarklet.
  • Select an IP you want to track the location
  • Click on the bookmarklet you just created on your bookmark bar, it will automatically call the API and will show you the details
  • If nothing is selected, it will ask for the IP in a prompt.

How to Manage Browser Cookies : View, Edit & Delete Cookies ?

Friday, June 24, 2016, Geetanjali

What are Cookies, I mean Internet Cookies ? Cookies are the small piece of data in the key value format stored in web browser, which are sent from browser to server when we visit sites in internet. When we open a website or authenticate something, data are stored in the cookies in the web client, so that the servers can read the data back from web client when needed. These are needed to for handling sessions and to identify the user.

How cookies are stored ?

Do you know how to view cookies ? Computer cookies are stored in our browser with some properties . For viewing the cookie (Chrome).

  1. Right click on the browser
  2. Inspect Element
  3. Go to Resources
  4. Go to Cookies

You can see the below properties in each internet cookies. All are optional.

  • expires : A cookie has an expiry date on which it get expires
  • path : Indicates the directory path to which the cookie belongs. If a cookie is created with no path specified it belongs to the current page.
  • domain : Indicates the domain to which the cookie belongs. If a cookie is created with no domain, the domain of the current page will be applied
  • secure : If a cookie is a HTTP only cookie then it can not be accessed from browser javascript.

Cookie Manager Bookmarklet

It is sometimes essential for developers to view/manage cookies stored in browsers. Though anyone can view cookies as mentioned in above steps but we have created an one-click solution. It is even easier for a layman to view and delete cookies. You just need to drag this bookmarklet to your browser's bookmark bar, that's it. When you visit a site you can click on the bookmarklet to view the cookies. Not all cookies are editable in browser. The httpOnly cookies can be edited only by the servers and cannot be changed from JavaScript. 

Manage Cookie

Cookie Manager Bookmarklet

How cookies can be accessed from JavaScript ?

Cookied can be created as follow. You can even omit the path. If path is not provided cookies will be created for currently opened path.

To delete a cookie just set the value to blank and the expiry date to an past date

Advantages of this bookmarklet

  • Quick Setup
  • Cross Browser
  • Can be used by just one click.
  • You can view cookies, clear cookies and edit cookies just with a single click

Extract All Emails From a Webpage Using Bookmarklet

Tuesday, June 14, 2016, Geetanjali

Bookmarklets are the small javascript programs stored in the bookmarks bar. It does small tasks when clicked. It is platform independent, very easy to handle and can be run in any browser. To run a bookmarklet  you just need to drag the bookmarklet to the bookmark bar. 

How to show bookmarks bar in browser ?

  • Firefox : Go to hamburger menu icon → Customize → Show/Hide Toolsbars → Bookmarks Toolbar
  • Chrome : Go to hamburger menu icon → Bookmarks → Show Bookmarks Bar
  • Opera: Go to Menu (on the top left) → Bookmarks → Show Bookmarks Bar
  • Safari : Go to View → Show Bookmarks Sidebar

How this bookmarklet works ?

Bookmarklets are similar to bookmarks but have a javascript code instead of URL in the background. It can be saved and used as a normal bookmark. Bookmarklets are not browser specific but extensions are browser specific. We have created a very handy tool which will extract all the emails present in a webpage. You just need to drag the below URL and drop in your bookmark bar. Go to the page from which you want to extract the emails and click on the Extract Email link. It reads the entire HTML content and applies regular expression on it to filter out the emails.

Extract Emails

If you want to extract all the emails from an Excel Spreadsheet Click Here

Extract Options


  • Quick Setup
  • Cross Browser
  • Can be used by just one click.
  • Provides the unique emails present in the webpage

Submit HTML Contact Forms in Google Spreadsheet with Notification Email

Friday, June 10, 2016, Hari

We use contact forms in our websites and blogs. Contact forms are the best and the quickest way our visitors can remain in touch with us. Contact forms do two tasks, they store the submitted data in DB and send a notification email to the admin. As we all use Google Spreadsheet and Gmail, so it will be really helpful if we can combine an html contact form, Google Spreadsheet & Gmail. Google Spreadsheet helps us to quickly visualize the tabular data and manipulate them.

Keeping all this in mind we have created a script which can now help you to link an html form with a Google Sheet and to send a notification email to the admin with the form content.

How it works ?

Technically every form has a target attribute and when a form is submitted, the data are sent to that target URL. In our script we will send the form content to Google Spreadsheet with ajax. That means the form will be submitted in the background but the page won't be refreshed. Our script is made up of Google Apps Script which acts as a listener for the form submission and the same sends the notification as well.

Get the app

Spreadsheet with questions

Key Features

  • Send form data to Google Spreadsheet
  • Ability to send notification email to admin with form data
  • Ability to configure whether to append the new row at the beginning or end
  • Ability to configure the subject line with templating feature
  • If the form has an email parameter You can set it as a replyTo parameter, so that when the admin will reply on the notification email it will be sent to the original sender